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The Modern Dilema

Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors. Our brains are naturally stimulated by and highly sensitive to the daylight signals; sitting indoors, we are not getting enough. Traditional lighting — even typical LED lighting — does not provide the proper light signals our bodies need to optimize our biological clocks and maintain healthy circadian rhythms.


The Solution

BIOS SkyBlue™ Technology brings the benefits of blue skies inside. BIOS SkyBlue is the only circadian lighting technology that includes a blue peak at 490nm. BIOS SkyBlue Technology pinpoints the peak sensitivity of the human circadian system — providing the most effective daytime circadian signal and giving you the industry’s highest melanopic ratios using standard architectural color temperatures.


BIOS SkyBlue is the 1st circadian light source specifically engineered to align with the key blue sky signals our bodies need.



BIOS circadian light daytime chart.
BIOS circadian light nighttime chart.



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